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Below are the albums that I have completed or are still adding songs to, feel free to take a look at each one by clicking on the pictures.


Or watch the Fluidic Ice Music trailer below for a sneak peek of my music:

Fluidic Ice Electronium

Electronium - A Techno/Electro Album

My first album which contains some of my oldest songs.

My first album electronium featuring complex electronic music.

Fluidic Ice Pandemonium

Pandemonium - A Dance/Trance Album

Second Album (This is the one you're looking for)

My second album pandemonium featuring epic fast paced dance music.

Fluidic Ice Adamantium

Adamantium - A Hardstyle/Dance Album

Latest Album - Great melodies but not many songs yet

My third album adamantium featuring epic hardstyle and dance music.


Paper Hero Nola Klop Violin Melody Lauren Westcombe Art